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Detective Itō Ayami
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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Investigation Bureau 4th division

Detective Itō is the main character of the game Tokyo Dark. She is a detective in search of her partner, Detective Tanaka Kazuki, who was reported missing. Being one of the few female detectives in her department, Itō is looked down upon by other fellow colleagues. Through her four years working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, she has gained a respected reputation among a number of her coworkers, which she considers a personal achievement.

Itō shares an apartment with her partner Tanaka Kazuki, both of which work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. She also has a pet cat living with her named Lady Fluffington. Despite her serious exterior, Itō is revealed to be a cat person, as throughout the game she shows adoration for not just her cat, but also various cat-themed merchandise found throughout Tokyo.

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