Tokyo Dark Wiki

The following is a list of achievements in the game Tokyo Dark. There are 44 achievements in the game.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
A Change Of Pace.jpg A Change Of Pace Daizo ending
Alone Together.jpg Alone Together Stay together ending
Backtracker.jpg Backtracker Use cherry blossom branch in Kamakura
BamBOOM!.jpg BamBOOM! Shoot bamboo in Kamakura
Becoming.jpg Becoming Mask Bearer ending
Breaking point.jpg Breaking point Hold a hostage
Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight.jpg Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight Draw gun in sewer
By the Book.jpg By the Book Attempt to arrest Reina
Cat Burglar.jpg Cat Burglar Pick lock in police station
Catty.jpg Catty Use force to get information in cat cafe
Diamond in the Rough.jpg Diamond in the Rough Butterfly club ending
Don't eat the fish.jpg Don't eat the fish Discover what happened to the cat food
Goodbye, I Love You.jpg Goodbye, I Love You Leave Tanaka ending
I Don’t Talk With Dead Girls.jpg I Don’t Talk With Dead Girls Shoot Reina in sewer
I’ll Remember How You Were.jpg I’ll Remember How You Were Bring Tanaka home ending
Indecisive.jpg Indecisive Run out of time in sewer
Lost.jpg Lost Suicide ending
Maid New Friends.jpg Maid New Friends Helped maids
Maid to Talk.jpg Maid to Talk Use force to get maids to talk
Match maker.jpg Match maker Pass on Saki's letter
Moving Up In The World.jpg Moving Up In The World Warehouse ending
Never again.jpg Never again Take a life
No time for that.jpg No time for that Use force to get information in arcade
Not Making Any Friends.jpg Not Making Any Friends Use force to get contract signed
Not on my watch.jpg Not on my watch Threaten Goto in sewer
Nothing is Real.jpg Nothing is Real Insanity ending
One won't hurt.jpg One won't hurt Enjoy a drink
Only a Child.jpg Only a Child Save Reina ending
Reap What you Sow.jpg Reap What you Sow Arrest Ending
Revenge.jpg Revenge Revenge Ending
Run Away, Little Girl.jpg Run Away, Little Girl Run from sewer
Say Hello To Kasumi From Me.jpg Say Hello To Kasumi From Me Butterfly club ending
See No Evil.jpg See No Evil Switch off police station cameras
Serve And Protect.jpg Serve And Protect Help girls in arcade
Shibuya Is A Whole World Away.jpg Shibuya Is A Whole World Away Warehouse ending
Sober.jpg Sober Keep a clear head
Submission.jpg Submission Apologize in police station
That'll leave a mark....jpg That'll leave a mark... Knock out officer Mori
The Cat God’s Blessing.jpg The Cat God’s Blessing Cat ending
The End Of The Mask.jpg The End Of The Mask Purification ending
The Letter of the Law.jpg The Letter of the Law Respond professionally to Goto in sewer
This is not a drill!.jpg This is not a drill! Use fire alarm in police station
Too Late.jpg Too Late Daizo ending
When One Door Closes….jpg When One Door Closes… Don't have the contract signed